Picarooner Modifications

Tony Nelson
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Joined: 11 Oct 2006

Thought I would post and share some of the recent Modifications that I have made to my Picarooner CRINKER.

I hope to update the webpage with some photos later on when time permits.

Visit CRINKERS homepage http://www.polperro.co.uk/crinkers_homepage.htm
and go to the Modifications Link

You can also register your Picarooner on the Boat register or enter information on any other Picarooners you have details on.

the Boat register link is also available on the homepage.

Clive ffitch
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Joined: 02 Oct 2006

Hi Tony,

Great web page idea! Picarooner Boat Register on-line is excellent - I have a good many Picarroner details from the GALA Boat Register that I used to try and keep track of (for all boat types), and has now been passed over to Colin. I'll get what I have to you soonest and enter what I can on your on-line form (like the webpage innovations - who's been playing with Frontpage then?!!)

The modifications I have made have included a mast tabernacle/step, decking boards, wykham-martin jib furling, and boat centre rollers on my trailer changed to the "greased lightning" type - nylon ones that is. I'll post more details when I get a longer mo to spare.

I've never understood quite why the side rollers on the Picarooner trailer were originally positioned right over the bilge runners/keels on either side, maybe for less stress when trailing? But the closeness of the centre metal part of the rollers causes significant rubbing and damage to the bilge keels in this position, especially during launch/recovery. I moved mine just inboard to other holes already present on the trailer cross member, which prevents this, and is still OK for short haul trailing, but maybe less good for longer distance trailing. I like your meaty-wheel solution.

Hoping to wet my keel soon!

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