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Clive ffitch
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Joined: 02 Oct 2006

Just a thought re the website content... I wonder if it would be possible to get all past newsletters transferred onto the site?

It would depend on where or with who all the old newsletter files reside with (Florence may know?), and in what format they are all in, but this would be relatively easy (a bit of work, I admit!) to transfer them to web-friendly format (acrobat or whatever). It would certainly be very worthwhile.

There have been 22 excellent publications that effectively document the history of GALA, and these should not be lost. I have hard copies of each and every one myself, but no Word files etc. In the worst instance, they could all be scanned in, but that would be the long way round!

Any thoughts anyone?

Sally Coward
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Joined: 23 Aug 2006

This point has been thought of. George may still have some on his computer but as he is not well at the moment we are not going to bother him. June will have had some but we are not able to contact her!! Emily is in touch with Florence who may have the most recent editions.

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