Gaffers and Luggers at the Waterings Boatyard

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14 Jul 2010 (All day)

Almost exactly twelve months to the day since Martin Heard so suddenly died, his son Sam, has acquired the piece of land at the northern end of the boatyard which had been in the possession of family for several years but which remained undeveloped. Sam’s intention is to use that land to set-up a new boat-building yard under the name of Gaffers and Luggers at The Waterings Boatyard.

Sam has applied for planning permission to erect a new boat-shed in which he can carry-on building a selection of the boats previously built by the Gaffers and Luggers Yacht-yard. If successful in his application, Sam hopes to begin work sometime in September.

In the meantime, Sam has utilised one of the bays in the old buildings to build 2 new Picarooners; 1 x 11 ft (4.6m) French Punt; and he has also provided a refit for Cousin Jack, an open 28ft (8.5m) Falmouth Working Boat for racing.

All being well, the Waterings Boatyard will be building the following range of boats:

  • 28ft (8.5m) Falmouth Working Boat
  • 25ft (7.6m) Falmouth Working Boat
  • 23ft (7m) Falmouth Working Boat
  • 20ft (6.1m) Mevagissey Tosher
  • 15ft 6 ins (4.7m) Picarooner
  • 11ft (3.4m) and 15ft (4.6m) Rowing skiff
  • 14ft (4.3m) dredging punt
  • 11ft (3.4m) French Punt
  • 8ft (2.4m) Stem and Pram dinghies
  • Plus the construction of a new mould for a traditional 21ft (6.4m) motor boat (with cuddy)

In addition, Sam would be pleased to hear from anyone whose boat needs a re-fit. Please note:  (1) that the 35ft (10.7m) Falmouth Quay Punt will no longer be built, and (2), that the Gaffers and Luggers website has now closed and, in due course, will be replaced by a new website, details of which will be made available to all concerned at the appropriate time. 

Sam Heard would be very pleased to receive enquiries concerning any of the services shown above. To contact Sam please:

Telephone: (mob) 07977 239341

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