Mast raising and lowering on a 28

Brian Neale
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Does anyone have experience of lowering or raising a mast on a 28?

Victoria Ruth's mast is stepped in a tabernacle on the coachroof and it looks as if it should be possible to lower it in situ, maybe using the bowsprit as a gin pole, although I haven't had a look at angles and loads on lines and so on yet.

I have a few things to do up the mast which would be much easier if I brought the mast down to me! I could get it lifted out by crane but it gets a bit complicated - and expensive.

Brian Neale
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Joined: 03 Sep 2006

I've been up the mast a few times in a bosun's chair with my young and fit son hauling on the peak halyard, but it's hard work. I have read an odd article or two in the yachting mags about using ascenders but the time I tried to check, they seemed to be pretty expensive. In principle, though, it does seem like a good idea.

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I far prefer climbing harness for going up masts. I need a new one though as my old one is too big. Must look into the ascenders too. I'm always amazed by how little climbing gear/tech is used by yotties...

Aeolus FWB28
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The mast is VERY heavy.
Chris Mulcahy----does the electrics/electronics on the boats----went up my mast the other day. He uses climbers ascenders which he attaches to some of the halyards and hauls himself up, and down, with great ease. No need for someone to assist.
I should add that he used a climbing harness with the ascenders.
I was very impressed.

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