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Tony Nelson
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Joined: 11 Oct 2006

Lots of old Luggers and Gaffers at the Looe Lugger Regatta June12th to 14th 2009 Looe Cornwall.

I am sure everyone had a good time as the weather was sunny and slight.
Winds were light which meant boats carried all the canvas they had.

Boats came from all over including two very large French Boats.

Dont know if any GALA members attended. I took a few pictures and some video which I have posted in Crinkers log


Brian Neale
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Joined: 03 Sep 2006

Well done, Tony. I don't even take a camera with me on the boat! Well, I did get some pictures of Yogaff from my camera phone but since upgrading my laptop recently I haven't been able to download them for proper viewing...

I competed in the Round the Island race last weekend which was a great spectacle (and had some interesting gaffers racing including FWB28 Susan J) but again, no camera to get pictures of the action!

So, congrats on getting viewable pics from an on-the-water viewpoint.

Aeolus FWB28
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Joined: 26 Aug 2006

More great stuff from you Tony.You sure do get about in that little boat of yours!

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