Leaky Cockpit Locker Lids

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I recently purchased FWB 28 "Melinda May" and she is currently undergoing a refit. One problem we have encountered is that there is no seal to the cockpit locker lids, so that water is allowed through the hinges and down into the bilge.

Has anyone had this problem and is there a ready recognised cure?


Brian Neale
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Victoria Ruth (same vintage as Aeolus) has the same arrangement with small gutters around three sides. They do need clearing out from time to time, but in practice only a very small amount of water gets past. The cockpit on a 28 tends to stay fairly dry at sea! I have some small dinghy-type drain plugs which I shall fit one day, to let the small amount of water in the lockers drain into the bilge, but the fact that I haven't found a big reason to fit them shows how minor the problem is! A sponge and a bucket a couple of times a year works pretty well...

Earlier boats might be different, though - there are a lot of small details which have gradually improved on these boats over the years.

Aeolus FWB28
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Hello Phil and welcome.

The lockers on Aeolus have a drain channel on three sides and the lid overhangs this channel so that although the lids are not exactly a flush fit water does not tend to get in.
Perhaps you could post a link to a few photos of the lockers (use photobucket,eg) and we could see better what the problem is. Steve.

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