FWB 25ft "Westward 25"

Anneke FWB 25
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By chance I got information about a 25ft FWB designed by Percy Dalton and built end of the eighties in GRP. It has been sold in a cabin version as "Westward 25" and in a open working boat version as "Oyster 25". Does anybody knows, wether these boats have been built at this time by Martin Heard at Gaffers and Luggers? Could be from the 25ft mold Martin has on the yard.

Thanks in advance
Hartmut Zoppke

Brian Neale
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I think that Martin's 25' mould is a new design (or at least a new mould) to replace the 23, as it was going to be difficult to build the 23 to meet the new "safety" regulations. I had not heard of an older 25' GRP design, especially from Martin, although there are other members here whose memory is probably more reliable than mine!

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