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Sally Cholmondeley
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I am looking at how to replace the rudder that is missing from my Heard 28, Christiane in Croatia. There are a few logistical challenges but I am persuaded that a self-build replacement may be an easier option

I am aware that ' all Heards are different' but if ayone has photos of rudders and fittings for Heards of around the 1998 vintage I would be very grateful if they could share them with me.


Paul Sullivan
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Hi Sally,

Sorry to be so late with this reply but, if it would still be useful, I expect I could prop Isabella's rudder up on a pile of old Yard bills and grab a photo or two - if I can find it somewhere. 

Isabella is a 28 from 1992 and completely in bits. I am sure I've lost a few of them but, hopefully, nothing as big as a rudder, so how did Christiane come to be without one?


Jeremy McCabe
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I had to do this a few years ago on 'Pica', my 23-footer built in 1988, and took photos along the way rather than notes.  I've zipped them and will send them to  They are fairly self-explanatory. 

The transom fittings were as built and I transferred the rudder fittings across from the old rudder.

I used one sheet of 25mm marine ply coated everything in epoxy then 'PreKote' before painting. (The hull and rudder are now coated with copper/epoxy which is well worth doing when you've finished.)  Getting the tiller to swing freely through the slot in the transom was the fiddliest part and I had to fit a 1" penny washer on one of the pintles. The tiller also tightens with a nut on the after side of the rudder stock so I put plenty of siica in the epoxy there.

Please ask if you've got any questions - I'll keep an eye on this forum ...


Aeolus FWB28
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Look in the gallery. There is a shot of Aeolus alongside the wall at Mylor. Black hull, red antifoul, ladder leaning.

Best you ask Sam Heard for info though.

Sally Cholmondeley
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if anyone does have photos here are the instructions for adding them to the website. 

"If you have any photographs you would like to share with other Gala members, please email your photographs and any additional information about the photograph to We will add your photographs to the gallery as soon as possible."

Colin Stroud
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Hi. Attached is a picture of my Heard 23 rudder, as made be Martin Heard in 1998. I do not have a picture of a 28 rudder but from what i have seen, the 28 is just a rescaled 23. Mine is made of wood encassed in grp. The tiller is a 25mm diameter bar about 600mm long that has a wood tiller with a 25mm hole in the end pushed onto the metal bar.


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