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Clive ffitch
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Hi all,

We have just returned from delivering our Picarooner “Winnow” to Penzance, for shipping aboard the Gry Maritha to the Isles of Scilly, ready for her new owners Peter and Sue to take her helm. It was a sad thing to have sold Winnow, but how could I wish for any better place for her to sail off to? I wish Peter and Sue much happy sailing with Winnow in her beautiful new home waters, and hopefully they will also soon be members of the GALA clan and forum on the website.


For those interested in sailing Picarooners, my website page “Gaff Rig Sailing in Fowey: on Clovelly Picarooner Winnow” can still be seen (it’s not going anywhere!) at www.photofilecornwall.co.uk/cornwall_xfiles/gaffrig_sailing - many happy memories, and a great video taken by Tony Nelson while sailing his own Picarooner “Crinker”!


As for myself and Julie, we have to confess that we have now committed the unforgivable and cardinal sin of crossing the water over to a motor boat – we now have a traditional style Hardy Family Pilot that we are both really looking forward to getting on the water with, and having some new boating adventures – a completely new boating experience for the both of us. Maybe one day, when Julie’s not looking, I’ll just borrow one of the trees from the garden and make just a very small mast, and rig a tiny little just-so-as-you-wouldn’t-notice little gaff rig sail on it....


So farewell me hearties, but not adieu, and I’ll be keeping a weather eye on GALA and the forum to keep in touch!


Good sailing to everyone at GALA, and fair winds,


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