Extra chainplates

Tom Woodward
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Joined: 23 Apr 2016

My Heard 28 (Kensa, formerly Proud Mary) has a mysterious extra set of chainplates located about halfway between the aftmost shroud and the chainplates for the backstays.  They appear a bit like a second optional position for the backstays.  However, as the backstay shackles are wired, and I can't conceive of a situation when  moving the backstays forward while sailing would be worth the hassle, I can't really fathom what they are for.

Kensa was purchased as a hull and finished at home*, so it is entirely possible that the previous owner simply had a change of mind about where he was putting the backstays.  However, I was wondering whether anyone had seen something like this - or perhaps could suggest a possible purpose they could be put to so they at least look as if they are meant to be there.

* the rig does seem a little unconventional as it lacks spreaders, and the backstays run to the mast cap - which I believe is not the norm.

Aeolus FWB28
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Hi Tom.

Most likely are just another location for the backstays.

The backstays on Aeolus go to the top of the mast.

Spreaders are not necessary, usually fitted in order to have flag halyards.


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