A couple of heard 28 questions

Tom Woodward
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Hi all

I own a Heard 28 called Kensa (formerly Proud Mary) which I believe was built in 1996.  Other than that, I have no details as I understand that only the hull was made in Mylor and the rest of the boat was finished off in Faversham by the previous owner.  I was wondering whether I could pick all your brains on a couple of questions.

Firstly, what size/pitch propellers are users using?  I had to re-engine Kensa and seem to be getting a fair bit of noise/vibration which is making me wonder whether the current propeller is suitable for the hull.

Also, I need to replace the bowsprit.  The current one was made in spruce, and seems rather oversized compared with photos that I've seen of other Heards.  I'm considering using Columbian Pine and reducing the diameter to compensate for the reduced weight.  Does anyone know what the original material and dimensions should be?

Thanks for any help!

Henrik Nor-Hansen
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Engine noise/vibration could also come from bad alignment between engine an shaft, or the engine mounts. The Yanmar engines are good, but are known to be rather noisy. You could see if the insulation could be improved in the engine room. Also, I once realized that it ran way better on new clean diesel.

Tom Woodward
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Apologies, I should have said - I confirmed with Beta that the prop would suit the engine.  My concern was that there didn't seem to be a huge amount of clearance between the prop and the hull.  I'll have a bit of a think next time she is out of the water.

Thanks for confirming the bowsprit sizing.

Aeolus FWB28
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Hi Tom

The propeller has to match the engine, there is no generic size.

Aeolus has a 40hp Yanmar 3J3HE and the prop markings are Radice OTE13R  20 2

The diameter of the bowsprit is 5 inches. I don't know the material, probably Spruce.

The last 28s made had hollow spars by Noble Masts of Bristol. My gaff is made by them and is light and of excellent quality.


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