chain locker drain on Heard 28

Christopher Penfold
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Just wondered whether anyone has had problems with the '"through hull" chain locker drain on the heard 28. I noticed Saskia's was blocked and water had obviously collected in the chain locker over time and seeped down the aft surface of the forward bulkhead. Not sure if  it has seeped forard of the bulkhead and entered the forward compartment under the chain locker and will have to check that out.  

The drain is just a hole through the hull level with the locker floor and exits the hull about 8 inches above the waterline. It is submerged when going forward. I do have a clam shell protecting it and presumably the venturi effect helps keep the locker dry. Does anyone else have such an arrangement and does it work?


Chris Penfold

Christopher Penfold
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Joined: 17 Feb 2014

Thanks Aeolus, 

I wondered whether anyone else had an external hull locker drain. It was there when I got the boat 4 years ago. I must admit I had my doubts about it as the locker floor is not really high enough. I think your arrangement is the better option.


Aeolus FWB28
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Hi was unaware of this arrangement in Saskia.

Aeolus has a drain tube which leads back to the engine bay. Any water in there is pumped out.

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