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Emily Coward
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Joined: 05 Jul 2009

As you can see we've updated the GALA website with a new design and lots of new features. I'd like to say a big thank you to my friend and colleague Tom Waterhouse for the fantastic design of the site, without which there probably wouldn't have been a new GALA website!

There are lots of new features to explore on the site including news, articles, newsletters and publications, as well as some old favourites such as the gallery. We will be adding new content to all sections of the site the next few weeks so make sure you visit us regularly to keep up-to-date!

A few notes on the forum as there were a couple of problems moving the old site over to the new one. Unfortunately we've lost the posts from February and March of this year and if you registered on the site in the last month we may have lost your account details. Apologies for this, but please don't worry, just register again for the site and we will reinstate your account.

Registered members can now upload pictures and YouTube videos to the forum. Images can be added using the 'file attachements' section at the bottom of the page. Videos can be added by using the 'insert media' (looks like a filmstrip) button on the comments toolbar. If you experience any problems using these features, please email us at

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Tony Nelson
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Joined: 11 Oct 2006

Hi Emily


Firstly thank you for all your efforts with the new website, its excellent! , clean presentation, easy to navigate and the ability to add photos and embed videos is a great new feature. We are very fortunate to have such a professional looking website for our association.

With a hope to attract and introduce more Gaff and Lug Rig enthusiasts to the GALA association.

I have added a GALA banner link on   Crinkers Homepage   directing viewers to the GALA website.

Although CRINKER's website is only an amateur site, it has received over 46,000 hits to date with many enquiries both by e-mail and on the guestbook page for more information on Picarooners.

It still amazes me what a pleasure to sail a Gaff rigged boat is and hopefully others will find the same for themselves with the help and advice of the GALA website and its members.

All the best and thanks again


Tony Nelson

Picarooner CRINKER CP55

lucy of mylor (not verified)
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hi there

last october i purchased a little heard 23 called lucy of mylor which i now keep in rochester in kent. i am looking for any history and information on this lovely little boat, can anybody help

many thanks

paul martin

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