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Brian Neale
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Joined: 03 Sep 2006

Over the last few years, we have seen less and less use of our web site, and it appears that it might be nearing the end of its useful life. In addition, our current Webmaster needs to give up the role due to pressure of work and we do not have any obvious replacement.

As a result, we propose to wind up GALA, close the web site, and to donate any remaining money in our bank account to the RNLI., The current GALA boat register will be handed to the OGA for incorporation in their register.

If you have any comments to make, or an alternative proposal to winding up GALA as it currently stands, please contact us via the email address in "Contact Us" or reply to this topic. If we do not receive any other proposals, we aim to close down the web site at the end of April, about two months away.

Brian Neale

Tom Woodward
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Joined: 23 Apr 2016

To add to my previous comment, I'm intending to build a new website for Gala, which will host the gallery, articles and information about the boats.

If you want to be updated when it goes live, or want to send me any content to include, please email me at

Tom Woodward
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Joined: 23 Apr 2016

I'm a web developer, and may be able to take over the website. Failing that, I would be happy to host the articles/publications somewhere so they are available.

Aidan Tuckett
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Joined: 18 Mar 2016

Hello all

It is true the website probably doesn't get many visitors but when you need it....
Facebook would be good but presumably all the past material has to be shifted across somehow? I'm happy to pay some £££ to keep it going. Or even be a webmaster if possible (move it across to Wix or Wordpress perhaps - afraid I can't do HTML things)?

I wrote the article in Classic Boat two years ago by the way and have a Heard 28. These are useable classics - we need to keep them going!

All best


Sally Cholmondeley
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Joined: 28 Apr 2017

This is particularly sad news and it is only when about to lose something that perhaps we appreciate what we had.The trouble is that without consciously logging in to check it is hard to keep up with news etc! I am lucky that I just happened to check the website for something else and saw the post as had forgotten to update my email address.

I suspect like many members it was when I was considering purchasing my Heard 28 that I found the website and joined GALA.
If members are wanting to sell their boats ( as alas we all may come to at some stage ) then an active association is a positive selling point and extremely helpful for would be buyers to ask advice.

What will happen to all the photographs and articles if the OGA takes over the members details? I could not have built my rudder/checked rigging without these and support from members.

I just wonder if a Facebook Group might work and require less admin. The 'Boats of T Harrison Butler ' group uses this approach ( and has around 135 members on Facebook. I get regular email feeds/reminders if there is a post which is nice to keep in touch.

Would it be possible to send an email to all the current members to call their attention to what is happening and ask what they would like to do ?

simon littlewood
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Joined: 12 Nov 2016

Very sorry to hear the news. Not been a member very long but learnt quite a lot. Best regards Simon

Paul Sullivan
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Joined: 09 Mar 2017

I, for one, will be very saddened to see the demise of GALA and the website - which is very professional looking compared with many other owners group websites. It can't be easy to find the time to administer an association - especially when the membership is as ancient, crusty and non-technical as we must be, and I heartily thank those who have given time and expertise to maintaining it.

An ageing fleet, with no new-builds to attract enthusiastic new owners, means that reduced activity in the forum is perhaps understandable. I haven't posted to it in ages but I still search the old posts for sage advice on many topics. In fact, with Isabella Ellen 2 years into a keel-up rebuild and me located in the midlands (convenient for all coasts, as I tell my sailing-averse wife) there is almost no subject upon which I don't badly need that advice. This will be only too apparent when I try to put the rig back together.

Whatever happens - and I only wish I had more opportunity to participate - please give me a wave in future when you see Isabella drifting past with the mainsail upside down and the topsail proudly flying from the forestay.

Paul Sullivan (Dartmouth - occasionally)

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