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  • Posted by Graham Benson

    Problem solved, a bolt through the ruder stock and tiller, wedges then taped to jam tiller. The bolt was put on because I thought the wedges would just split the rudder.


    Now the little noises are louder.

  • Posted by SHAUN HENNING






  • Posted by Graham Benson

    I have now replaced the 5hp with a Honda 10Hp. The 5hp works well in flat to mid seas, but I have found it strugling when it blows,  Yes I should be sailing then, but short taks down Loch Long with wife and kid bellow, naaaaaaaaaah, Get her home quick and then she will come out and play...

  • Posted by Tim and Carolyn S...

    Hi I sold my Picarooner Picaroo last year, it went up to the Clyde I noticed that it is advertised in Practical Boat Owner, again for sale. This boat is in excellent condition and has an excellent low mileage break back trailer you...

  • Posted by Brian Neale

    Well done - hope it all works. My 28 started filling up with water soon after I bought it, and I eventually tracked it down to a wrong-size rubber insert in one of the cable glands which left a hole a couple of millimetres square. Surprising how much water that lets in over the course of a...

  • Posted by Graham Benson

    Job done, it's been rain now quite a bit up here and no water in the builge. Most seems to have come from the teak beam below the tiller. I glased that and the same on the fore deck at the time no leaks there either now. AAAAAHHHH a dry boat ......maybe. Just have to find out if the holes that I...

  • Posted by aidan robson

    i beleve ther are mupile sail sizes I have two masts for mine as at some point it give a bigger rig and sails may be able to help I bleve thay make the sails for most of picrooner


  • Posted by stephen miles

    hi stuart I have a set of sails from a boat that is beyond repair,they have plenty of use left in them,but have some oil stains on them. located central cornwall.

  • Posted by Aeolus FWB28

    Hello Roger. Yes I have those issues plus many more!

    I see that you are in Falmouth.

    I will prob be in Mylor this week so I'll bring them with me. No money required!

     PM me.


  • Posted by Graham Benson

    Plan is to sand down the paint that is curently on it. then glass using polyester resin I have a barrel of it already. Then paint it with several coats of non slip paint. As it is for water proof not strenght then de laminating should not be too much of a problem. I hope

  • Posted by Brian Neale


    What's the deck/cabin top finish at the moment? Not sure how relevant it is but my first response would be to ask if you are planning to use polyester or epoxy. I looked at a few second-hand boats before I decided to buy new, and decks with the glass layer delaminating weren't...

  • Posted by Graham Benson
  • Posted by David Whitehead

    Hi..... is there anywhere I can find the dimensions and drawings of the 18ft Tosher?

  • Posted by Graham Benson

    When you have finished with them any chance of posting them on?

  • Posted by Brian Neale

    The old shed didn't really look big enough either!

  • Posted by Sally Coward

    It's bigger than it looks in the photos

  • Posted by Brian Neale

    Looks about big enough to build a 28?

  • Posted by Aeolus FWB28

    I find that bungee on the tiller instead of lashing works well.

    Also, wrapping the peak halyard around and around the mast will stop any noise and wear.

  • Posted by Brian Neale

    Rudder hangings are the biggest problem on my 28. I can frap halyards away from the mast, and generally lash down/wedge just about everything else. But my usual tiller lashing which goes side-to-side between backstay fixings doesn't take out all the play, and I end up with a really tight lashing...

  • Posted by Graham Benson

    a vid with Cailleach Dhugh under motor at the start.

  • Posted by Tony Nelson

    A Picarooner  video posted by my friend Gilles on the Ille de Groix France.




  • Posted by Tony Nelson

    Log and Video of CRINKER CP55's

    roundtrip voyage from Polperro to the Tamar & Brunel Bridges. Aug 2011


    Picarooner CRINKER...

  • Posted by Tony Nelson

    Another voyage from Polperro to the beautiful River Yealm in Devon.

    CRINKER sits in the mud with the modified rudder. This photo was just below the voss at Noss Mayo with Newton Ferrers in the background.

    Well worth a visit.

    Picture is in my web photo album here...

  • Posted by Graham Benson



  • Posted by Graham Benson

    I have set up Carrie (heard23) for solo sailing I have a simrad t22 the next size up for the lenght of boat. And a sea Feather wind vane. The t22 is used when under motor (the out board charges the battery) and sea feather when under sail. A wee video is on youtube...

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