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  • Posted by Aeolus FWB28

    Henrik thanks for the links I hope more people read them. So you have renamed her Bika and given the cat the boat's name! I had always wished that I'd thought of Estren for my boat, it being Cornish for Oyster.

    I'm looking forward to reading more of you coming adventures. 


  • Posted by Aeolus FWB28

    Hi Nicholas.

    A lot will depend on the ballast and hull type. The ballast could be either lead or iron and the earlier hulls had less freeboard than the later ones. Unfortunately I can't remember when the date of the hull change, but it was a while ago.

    Aeolus has the later hull and...

  • Posted by Aeolus FWB28

    Hi Henrik.

    It is most unlikely that the HIN is on the boat. There isn't one on mine, just on the paperwork.

    I suggest you try to contact Gordon Carruthers again, I guess he would have had the original documents when he got Estren from Martin.

    Maybe Sam Heard still has a copy...

  • Posted by Graham Benson

    I had one of those on my Heard 23.  I had a problem putting it in nutral to start, and dispite the dealers attepts to fix it it never worked well.  I hope you have better luck.

  • Posted by Peter Mayhew

    In the picture I've now uploaded you will see an outboard engine which is a Tohatsu 6hp sail pro which punches the tide quite nicely on my little 18 footer even at half throttle.

  • Posted by Keith Saville

    Hi Tony, Thanks for your suggestions, Keith.

  • Posted by Tony Nelson

    Hi Keith

    I have a forestay connected with a D Shackle and my Bowsprit is also secured with a D shackle. I also have a Jib Halyard.

    The D shackles are easy to open, I prefer these as a quick release mechanism may fail at the most inconvenient of times and be dangerous.


  • Posted by Keith Saville

    Hi Tony,

    Thanks for your reply, being a believer in KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) that's what I like, simple solutions. Looking at your photo, it appears that you have no forestay and rely on the jib halyard only to hold the mast upright, am I correct in my observation?...

  • Posted by Tony Nelson

    HI Keith

    You could just use stainless quick release type clips or biners.

    The bowsprit is easy to stow and it would only take a minute to secure the stay.

    all the best


  • Posted by Ron Arnold

    Our boat has two small "kiddy" berths above the double in the fore cabin. This enables two adults to sleep with 2 kids and leaves the saloon for two singles or a double for guests.

    The rush for the heads in the morning is fun to watch though with 6 on board.

    One limitataion is that...

  • Posted by Defender (not verified)

    Having considered information provided by others owners on this 'forum subject' it may be possible for me to fit one or two pipe cots above the saloon seats/berths in any boat (if excisiting layout allows) so my search for a boat is not restricted to a long coach roof and aft quarter berth....

  • Posted by Aeolus FWB28

    Have sent email, check your junk!


  • Posted by Defender (not verified)

    Hi Steve

    Thanks for that information which i had never considered. I assume two pipecot berths could be fitted to port and starboard and would be ideal for two of my smaller children. I would be very grateful if you could PM me some pictures of the set up so i could consider fitting...

  • Posted by Aeolus FWB28

    Hello Julian, welcome to the Forum.

    "No two boats are the same" was the catchphrase for the Heard boats. I have never seen a 28 with a quarter berth so if you should find one I hope you will submit some interior photos for the website.

    My 28 has a pipecot berth above the port berth...

  • Posted by Colin Stroud

    Nice to know he is back on his Heard again.



  • Posted by Aeolus FWB28

    Hello Simon.

    Not sure if you will be helped here, however you may have more luck on theYBW classic forum


  • Posted by Brian Neale

    Graham - given that they are usually stainless steel wire (about 6mm, I think, on my 28) I would have thought that almost any chain would have been strong enough. 4mm chain links would have about the same cross-sectional area as 6mm wire, which is how I would do the comparison. Can you find a...

  • Posted by Aeolus FWB28

    Henrik I have put 2 photos of hull lines in the Gallery section. Poor quality I'm afraid but I hope they are of use. A friend made a half model of Aeolus using them.

    Regards, Steve

  • Posted by boatcalisay (not verified)

    2nd try with the pics

  • Posted by Alastair Wood


  • Posted by Graham Benson

    hi Colin I ordered the new rigging before your post.  Chap at the chandlers (a rigger) recond on 5mm As the lenght is a bit hit and miss I have gone for  Swagles fitting at the base swaged at the top (as I can not check it).  So set up is 6mm twin forestays, 5mm fore shroud 6mm...

  • Posted by Colin Stroud

    Graham, my Heard 23 "Plum"  was built by Martin with two shrouds per side and no backstage. A few years ago I replaced the stays and checked the loading, using the formulas in the Riggers Apprentice book By Brion Toss which showed that the original 6mm 7x7 were boarder line but 6mm 1x19...

  • Posted by Colin Stroud

    Hello Graham. On my Heard 23 they are all 10mm 3strand polyester.

    Colin of "plum"

  • Posted by Brian Neale

    I last saw Estren when she was sitting in Martin Heard's yard, being wrapped up before being shipped to Canada.

    Somewhere in the files I have a few pictures of Estren being prepared, and a copy of the inventory when she was sold shortly afterwards. I see that she had a waterproof forward...

  • Posted by Henrik Nor-Hansen

    Thanks, Brian!

    We're buying Eliza, former Estreen, in Canada. It's from 1997 and I do expect some minor problems with the water barrier over the ply. However, I haven't seen the boat (except pictures), and no survey yet. But I'll do a serious refit after some months sailing.


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