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  • Posted by Sally Coward

    Hi Bob and Steve,
    For safety we have always made sure that the windward backstay was up tight even when running. This is out of an abundance of caution but better that than a broken mast perhaps.

    Delighted to see you are all enjoying the forum.

    Sally and Martyn

  • Posted by Aeolus FWB28

    Hi Bob, I had hoped that someone who actually knew what they were talking about would reply.
    I do have a backstay on all of the time but I think they are only necessary when running or when beating hard. The backstays not only support the mast but tension the jib halyard.
    In light...

  • Posted by Guest

    Now that sounds exciting! - I"ll be sure to check my 'bolt' tonight.

    Sorry for your misadventure, but this sure shows how helpful this forum can be - thanks for sharing.....

  • Posted by Emily Coward

    No problem Steve. Glad you got it sorted :)

  • Posted by Aeolus FWB28

    Thanks Emily, all sorted now.

  • Posted by Aeolus FWB28

    Well I'm trying to do this... the smallest I can get an 80x80 is 7.37kb. Going to have to read the photoshop manual !

    Well have found a stockone that fits, but my own plus others dont fit the 80x80 and 6kb.

  • Posted by Colin Stroud

    Hello Mike. Thought I would try out the new forum for the first time.

    I hope Clive will reply to your posting as he is in charge of the boat register but in the meantime I have looked through the last copy I have which shows only three on the east coast:
    1) "Plum"(my one)

  • Posted by Colin Stroud

    Many thanks to Emily for setting up this GALA Forum.

  • Posted by Emily Coward

    Hi Steve,

    BBCode and HTML tags are currently disabled in the forum at the moment. I didn't want people who are not members uploading invalid code and generally messing up the forum. I have seen this happen on other forums.

    If more members want to use BBCode and HTML tags I will...

  • Posted by Guest

    Hi Greame

    The forum should be a breath of fresh air during the winter months when all our boats are tucked away.

    I've launched my Picarooner (Dawnie) at 5 different sites now. Most frseh water slips are quite shallow so I always let the 4x4 go in as far as posible. On shallow slips...

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