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  • Posted by Joe Walsh


    30° is great. However faster ya to the more the apparent moves forward. So what would your taking angle be, or at what baring to the mark would you tack.


    I think with a Tosher by the way the horse is set up the boom is too qfar form centre on the beat. I may...

  • Posted by Aeolus FWB28

    Roger I've only just seen your message to me. Congratulations on buying Lizzie! Looking forward to seeing you out on the water.


  • Posted by Aeolus FWB28

    Joe, thanks for your post and the link to the photos. She looks so much bigger than an 18 footer!

    I find that my 28 will point 30deg apparent, I'm surprised that you say you can only manage 55 deg in the tosher.

    One change that I did make to the sailplan was to change the large...

  • Posted by Mike Bees

    A much cheaper option, if the cutout is big enough, is to use a fixed 2-blade prop and put a mark on the shaft so you can turn it by hand to leave the blades parked vertically so they are behind the deadwood.

  • Posted by Henrik Nor-Hansen

    I've been pondering this issue. We have a three bladed prop that has a lot of drag - at least half a knot. We also let it run in neutral, as recommended by Yanmar, but the noise is just too annoying as the wind picks up and we're getting close to hull speed. On the other hand; folding props are...

  • Posted by Aeolus FWB28

    Hi Roger, so have you bought a 28 then?

    I have no experience of folding props but unless you are a super keen racer I wouldn't have thought one necessary. I too, I would like to hear from owners who have done this. 

    Aeolus bowls along towing my wooden tender, I came third in...

  • Posted by Graham Benson
  • Posted by Graham Benson

    I have heard that Den has now pasted away. I have no details as I only received a message and have been having troble contacting the person who passed on the info.

  • Posted by Brian Neale

    Another reminder - we are no longer collecting subscriptions for GALA as the website is our only significant cost, and we have enough in the bank to keep going for some time yet.

    However, there are still a few members paying by standing order. I have tried to track these down through the...

  • Posted by Graham Benson

    Hi Jerry.  I think I have upset RYA head office too much for them to back down on letting me use my own boat.  I have been offered to use of other boats from forum members.  I do not need the Yachtmaster offshore so will leave it for just now.

  • Posted by jerrytug (not verified)

    Hi Graham I have just signed on this site, which I randomly stumbled over on the web, I am jerrytug on the YM forum.  How is it going with finding an examiner? I think the RYA have made themselves look foolish and should let you use your boat.

  • Posted by Colin Stroud

    Wow! I've been discovered! Yes, I have written an eBook about single handed sailing and there are references to my Heard 23 Plum but the book is not specific to gaff. See

    Best regards


  • Posted by Mike Bees

    Yes that is Colin Stroud, owner of Heard 23 Plum.

  • Posted by Graham Benson

    I went to sit my Yachtmaster offshore in my Heard 23 last year It being 23 feet 7.01 meters on deck ment it fufilled the critera.  To cut a long story short, heard office could not find me an exsaminer in the Clyde asked me to go to the south coast of England. When I said I could not they...

  • Posted by Brian Neale

    Yes - a few good pages of FWB coverage. Thanks to Roger and Steve for that.

    Graham - I'll bite - how have you upset the RYA? I'm a member but most of what they talk about goes straight past me. It's all about going fast in boats you couldn't sleep in.

  • Posted by Brian Neale

    ...and you can't necessarily trust the paperwork either. Paperwork was never a strong point in the yard! I had a lot of problems with the marine mortgage people because my hull number changed during the build - they put the year number at the start of the HIN so it got changed when the build...

  • Posted by Graham Benson

    I saw that ad, but I messered my boat from the bow to the corner of the transum at the water line and it was 24feet. Would I then add on the lenght to the centre of the transum and the rudder or just the rudder.  Hence the second part of the question how do you messure the LWL?

  • Posted by Aeolus FWB28

    Hi Graham. I believe that it's 22'6"

    This from adverts for the 23. 

  • Posted by Aeolus FWB28

    Henrik thanks for the links I hope more people read them. So you have renamed her Bika and given the cat the boat's name! I had always wished that I'd thought of Estren for my boat, it being Cornish for Oyster.

    I'm looking forward to reading more of you coming adventures. 


  • Posted by Aeolus FWB28

    Hi Nicholas.

    A lot will depend on the ballast and hull type. The ballast could be either lead or iron and the earlier hulls had less freeboard than the later ones. Unfortunately I can't remember when the date of the hull change, but it was a while ago.

    Aeolus has the later hull and...

  • Posted by Aeolus FWB28

    Hi Henrik.

    It is most unlikely that the HIN is on the boat. There isn't one on mine, just on the paperwork.

    I suggest you try to contact Gordon Carruthers again, I guess he would have had the original documents when he got Estren from Martin.

    Maybe Sam Heard still has a copy...

  • Posted by Graham Benson

    I had one of those on my Heard 23.  I had a problem putting it in nutral to start, and dispite the dealers attepts to fix it it never worked well.  I hope you have better luck.

  • Posted by Peter Mayhew

    In the picture I've now uploaded you will see an outboard engine which is a Tohatsu 6hp sail pro which punches the tide quite nicely on my little 18 footer even at half throttle.

  • Posted by Keith Saville

    Hi Tony, Thanks for your suggestions, Keith.

  • Posted by Tony Nelson

    Hi Keith

    I have a forestay connected with a D Shackle and my Bowsprit is also secured with a D shackle. I also have a Jib Halyard.

    The D shackles are easy to open, I prefer these as a quick release mechanism may fail at the most inconvenient of times and be dangerous.


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