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  • Posted by Henrik Nor-Hansen

    My wife is 5'2, and she can hoist the main on our Heard 28. I would not recommend a winch at the mast, because you will use your whole body weight to pull down both halyards (peak and throat) at the same time. That makes the the main go up much faster. You may need another set-up with the blocks...

  • Posted by Graham Benson

    Hi I sail solo my heard23 most of the time, some longer trips. links to videos and photos.

    I have a sea feather wind  vain for longer trips and a simrad for day/weekend trips. My...

  • Posted by Graham Benson

    would you wrap both halyards around the one winch?

  • Posted by Sally Coward

    I believe the mainsail is fairly heavy to raise, but many years ago Martin Heard solved the problem for a female customer by installing a winch at the foot of the mast. 

  • Posted by Aeolus FWB28

    The bowsprit is permanently set. The jib is on roller gear and the staysail on a foil  All easy to operate from the cockpit. 

  • Posted by simon littlewood

    Good to hear that is the case. I take it you would lower the bow sprint when able and then set the sails. the sail plan looks like it may take some getting used . I have a simple sloop rigg and can do all reefing from the cockpit useful in the north sea. Thanks for your reply.

  • Posted by Aeolus FWB28

    Hi Simon I single hand my 28 all the time. Just get a decent autopilot !

  • Posted by Aeolus FWB28

    Sam made a beautiful lug rigged Tosher a couple of years ago.might be worth contacting him for info.

  • Posted by Aeolus FWB28

    Hello Joe and welcome.

    We have some details of the Heard boats.

    Perhaps not very helpful but our records show...

    sail number 45, year 1975?,Twin Lug, tan sails, located Lyme Regis,previous owners Andy Agraham and Simon Lippett.

    Perhaps Sam Heard could give you more...

  • Posted by Graham Benson

    Cailleach Dhubh has now found a new home. I belive Jim Aderson bought her, he had a heard 28 before so may be known by some of you.

    Nice to see she went farly quickly


  • Posted by Nick Rorke

    Hi Colin,

    To help you keep the boat register up to date, I'm now the  owner of the 20' Tosher sail no. 2, called 'Jessie', Having bought her last August. She is now moored in the River Exe off Cockwood.

    Also, the 16' Clovelly Picarooner, sail no 29, called '...

  • Posted by Graham Benson

    Thanks for that.  I have spken to him on facebook.  Scotland old gaffers

  • Posted by Aeolus FWB28


  • Posted by Colin Stroud

    The GALA boat register has been updated again and is available on the "Publications" page. I still have a few updates to make so another version will be out soon......

  • Posted by Colin Stroud

    Gerald, lovely to see you and Amonite again. Thank you for posting the video.

    I wish you all the best for the future.

    Colin of Heard 23 "Plum"

  • Posted by Colin Stroud

    Hello Hamish, good to hear from you. Early Heard 23s have a 4'draft but the later ones (from 1985) have 4'6". In my opinion, the legs should only be used on a hard bottom. If one leg starts to sink then the whole boat will start to lean on that leg which will now not be verticle and so have a...

  • Posted by Aeolus FWB28

    Have put photos of Classic Boat article in the Gallery.

    Leslie I have sent you a PM.

  • Posted by Leslie Aldous

    I'd like to thank all those people who replied. I feel reassured. I've now looked at the boat in question and hope I can reach an agreement on price. If I do buy it I know that I'll have other questions to ask. Once again, thank-you!

  • Posted by bill payne

    Colin, on the registry you show Little Gilly as owned by Paul Gerrish. We brought her from him in 2006 and renamed her JOY in 2009 . No idea what the HUN is as no idea where it is. I was led to beleave  she was first launched in 1993. We are still enJOYing her sea kindly ways with many...

  • Posted by bill payne

    I have a 28 that was epoxy treated from new and then when I had her copper coated was sanded back and done again. She has since been copper coated again this winter. She will be for sale soon for the right price as I need to move to something a bit easier to handle . My wife is getting a bit...

  • Posted by Colin Stroud

    Hello Leslie. I have yet to hear of a single Heard boat with osmosis. My own research and experience of osmosis (in a previous boat) is that if a hull has survived a significant number of years (more than 15?) it will probably never get osmosis. Epoxy coated hulls are very imune. Water vapour...

  • Posted by Henrik Nor-Hansen

    All hull materials deteriorates one way or the other. We once took care of osmosis on a Contessa 26, and did the full job. Later we realized it would have been good enough to just drill out the blisters and treat them locally. You shouldn't let osmosis stop you. Besides, it's not so much of a...

  • Posted by Aeolus FWB28

    Email sent.

  • Posted by Aeolus FWB28

    Hello Leslie and welcome. I have moved your request to this section.

    I don't know of any osmosis problems, the boats were epoxied. Martin didn't want any boats coming back to him with that problem.

    Which boat are you looking at?

    Regards, Steve

  • Posted by Nicholas Narraway

    Hi everyone - On a Heard 28, is there a difference in the mast position between the racing rig and the "ordinary" rig?  Or does the additional sprit simply allow a larger sail area to be set? Any thoughts on whether the rig makes a difference worth having in terms of pure boat speed?


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