bowsprit shaking when job flogs

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I'm a bit alarmed by the bowsprit shaking when the jib flogs. It seems to be mainly up-and-down. In fact more 'up' than down.

I try to tighten down the bobstay on the tackle quite hard - you can see a distinct bend in the bowsprit, which I believe is correct. Once the jib is up, I crank that down as hard as I can too, first the plain end, then the end with the tackle.

The whisker stays are on tackles + also a small turnbuckle - again I do these up pretty tight.

Am I worrying unecessarily?

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It only flogs when the helmsman's attention wavers (or the wind plays about), or mid tack, or sometimes when we are heading into choopy waves. I too have a WM furler.

It's visible movement/shaking, hard to judge how much - but you could be right, I could be just over-worried.

I'll apply all the good advice and see how we go :-)

Colin Stroud
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You have already had some sound advice from the two previous responses which should result in less movement of the bowsprit. How much movement are you talking about? With long the length of our bowsprits some movement it inevitable even with a good bobstay and pre-stretched polyester rope on the bobstay tackle.

However, how often do you let the jib flog? Mine flogs so infrequently and even then only for a few seconds (although I have mine on a Wycken Martin furler) . If your situation is similar and you have reduced stretch in the bobstay to a minimum them maybe you are worrying too much.


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I'd agree with you, Steve. I think the jib halyard maybe stretches a bit and needs a post-hoist tweak after a little while. I will try that, I think. It needs replaced anyway as it is too short!

Also, I did read somewhere about putting low-stretch rope in the bobstay tackle - it's 3-strand at the moment. Maybe that would help.

Aeolus FWB28
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I'm suprised by this. Basic geometry would say that if the bobstay is tight then the bowsprit cant move upwards. I have the bobstay very tight and the shrouds too. Bobstay is chain, shrouds wire with turnbuckles.
I suppose that if the jib is flogging then it may be possible for the bowsprit to bounce, but it would have to go down first since the upwards movement is limited by the bobstay. Perhaps this is what is happening.

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