Information about Corah, an 18' 6" Heard Tosher

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Leila Hardman & Roger Ford
Posted on: 
30 Oct 2010

October 2010


Information about Corah, an 18' 6" Heard Tosher.

Corah was previously called 'Phyllisa II of Truro'. We know this because over the winter of 2008-2009 we striped her back, above and below the waterline, to reveal her original dark blue gel-coat (plus plank lines from the mould/ plug) and in doing so we discovered the faded name. There is a boat in the register called Phyllira II, perhaps this is the same boat, the faded name on Corah was difficult to read, maybe the r is a typo.

Corah is now owned by Leila Hardman and Geoff Innes, and previously by Geoff alone. Geoff purchased her from a guy called John, a vet who lives in Wood Lane, Falmouth. We think Corah is about 30 years old. Her sail number is 11 but that is only because it was easy to put two strips of black gaffer tape on each side of her old mainsail when we first raced her a few years ago.

Originally we think Corah had an inboard engine (we removed the old bearers when we replaced the floor) and probably was totally open because there were supports up forward for a thwart, (the data base states Phyllir/sa was twin lug and this makes sense as the fore mast would have been stepped through it), her propeller aperture has been filled in by possibly the same person who fitted the foredeck and converted her rig.

Currently Corah is set up with a gaff cutter rig of generous proportions and of the Tosher 18's carries the highest handicap in the Falmouth fleet. Her hull colour is white, (we sprayed her with two-pack after stripping her back) She still has a solid wooden mast and boom and separate aluminium topsail pole. Her under water surfaces were filled and fared then coated in epoxy before priming and antifouling. At the same time we increased the height of her coaming along with a host of other jobs. Last winter we fitted new floors using ply and hardwood for the bearers and an epoxy honeycomb for the floor and removable boards.

We understand there has been more than one mould for the Tosher 18's. Corah is the same basic shape as Clementine and Katy (of the Falmouth fleet) although the later two have had further keel modifications. We belive all three came out of the later mould.

We could provide lots more information about her current set-up if it was of interest but to summarise she is a combination of old and new technology. Some might say she follows the old tradition of making the most of the skills, time, and materials that could be afforded at the time, others might disagree!

Hope this info is useful and if you want to publish it in the GALA website please do, it would be interesting to know more of her history.

Kind regards

Leila Hardman & Roger Ford

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