The Tosher (18',6") was originally lugger rigged but demand led to the adaption to a Gaff Cutter; this proved more popular than the lugger rig as the Gaffer is raced locally in the "Old Gaffers" class. The mould was taken from an old Mevagissey Tosher, "YoYo".

This. 18'6" craft is a great favourite locally and is available as either a Gaff Cutter or a lugger. The Tosher is identical to her forerunners in every way; the mould for the G.R.P. boat was taken from a craft over a hundred years old. The previous owner worked her for nine years, sailing daily to the pollack and bass grounds off the Manacle Rocks, with only a 3.5 Kelvin when the wind was light. This roomy, able sea boat is best when used for sailing, lining or crabbing, as well as being an ideal family day sailer. '


In appearance this popular boat with its pretty heart-shaped transom and deep keel resembles the Falmouth Working Boats in miniature. A fast and seaworthy boat, it races locally in the "Old Gaffers" class with great success.

3/4decked with locker space under the fore and after decks for stowing the necessary gear.

Available with two size rigs: The standard cruising rig, and for those who wish to race, a larger racing rig.


The lug-rigged Tosher with its loose footed mainsail and mizzen makes it the simplest of boats to handle. The absence of a boom allows easy movement In the spacious cockpit: 1/2 decked with lockers under the fore and after decks for storing gear. This rig is perfect for those who like to take life easily, taking in their surroundings; it will keep head to wind with only the mizzen set.

When the wind is light there is a choice of auxiliary power; an outboard fitted to a bracket on the stern of the Tosher, or, we recommend, a lOh.p. inboard. These are not fitted as standard; we feel that It is the customer's right to choose.

With the addition of a 6' coach roof the Tosher is a must for weekend cruising, Smart Iroko cabinsides with four fixed brass portholes and two bunks with berth cushions (choice of fabric). It provides adequate storage with a chainlocker forward, storage lockers under the foredeck and a locker under the after deck. A hardwood sliding hatch and handrails add the finishing touch to 'this appealing craft. It can be fitted with a small gas stove and sink, if the customer requires.


The hulls of G.R.P construction, lay up is by hand with each cloth overlapping its neighbour by 2”. 7 1/2 per square foot on the topsides and 15oz per square foot on the stern, stem and keel areas. A ton of 15 ballast is encapsulated in the keel for the full length. The deck is of G.R.P. and this is fastened to the bulwarks and capped with hardwood. On the outside, at deck level, a hardwood belting is fastened. All woodwork is varnished to a high standard; the mast and spars are solid Columbian pine. The iron work is made at the yard and galvanised: the standing rigging is stainless steel and running rigging is 8mm polyhemp through Tufnol blocks. The Tosher comes supplied with fenders, a bilge pump, legs, anchor, warp and a boat hook.

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