Falmouth Quay Punt

The 14' Dredging Punt is the latest addition to our range. A 45-year old dredging punt was lovingly restored and the mould taken from it. This punt has worked hard for a living, dredging for oysters in the upper reaches of the Fal during the winter months. It is an ideal tender, easy to row and a good carrier.

The wooden punt from which the mould was taken was lovingly restored during the winter months. Its former owner, Mr. Stanley Ferris, worked this punt for 45 years dredging for oysters in the upper reaches of the Fal. This proven design is a very able and seaworthy boat; ideal as a tender, to teach children to row, and, with the addition of a small outboard, ideally suited for exploring creeks, rivers and small coves without fear of going aground.


The 14' Dredging Punt is a G.R.P. construction; lay up is by hand with each cloth overlapping its neighbour by 2". 60z per square foot on the topsides, to 120z per. square foot on the stern, stem and keel areas. Rails are fastened to the topsides; three hardwood thwarts provide adequate seating. There is 11/2 cwt of ballast encapsulated in the hull to the full length for extra stability. The punt comes complete with rowlocks and a pair of paddles.

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