Clovelly Picarooner

The 15'6"Clovelly Plcarooner is a sturdy lugger rigged craft. The lines were taken from a Picarooner lying in Clovelly Harbour. It is ideal for the family to sail and economical to run.

This attractive Lugger was originally designed as a beach boat, working out of Clovelly Harbour. Its shallow draught and rounded bilge enabled it to land catches of herring quickly and effectively, whilst the larger boats would have to wait for the tide.

A sturdy craft with the simplest of rigs, it is an ideal family day boat with only two ropes to pull wben sailing; easily trailered or beached, avoiding.boatyard expenses. All spars and sails will fit neatly inside the boat.


A round bilge hull, G.R.P. construction. Lay up by hand, 70z per square foot on the topsides and 140z per. square foot on the stern, stem and keel areas. 2 cwt of ballast is glassed in the keel to the full length for additional stability. Two buoyancy tanks are fitted fore and aft and the outboard-well houses a long shaft outboard between 4hp and 8hp. The dagger board is situated in the centre thwart. The rails, belting and thwarts are hardwood and the masts are Columbian pine, all varnished to a high standard. The sails are white terylene (tan is available at 10% extra). The Picarooner comes supplied with a small anchor, warp and fenders.

This boat is also available without spars and sails and makes an attractive launch with seating for up'to 10 passengers. It can either be driven by a small Inboard or an outboard tip to 8hp.

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