About Gala

The Gaffers and Luggers Association (GALA) is a web-based independent resource for owners, prospective owners or those interested in the boats constructed by the Gaffers and Luggers boatyard. They have built over 430 traditional working boats with more being built every year and existing and past GALA members have accounted for over 230 boats.

GALA is a virtual owners association. We have neither a committee or a constitution and there is no fee to become a “member”. However, in return for a little information about yourself and your boat interests you can gain access to the “Member Area” of this website.

Gaffers and Luggers is a traditional Cornish boatbuilding business that has been established for over 40 years continuously in the Heard family, passing on from father to son the skills of building traditional Falmouth working boats. The Gaffers & Luggers fleet consists of the following types, taken in order of introduction at the yard (excludes Oyster Punts/Dinghies):

Gaffers and Luggers can be found on the shores of Mylor Creek at The Tregatreath Yacht Yard, Falmouth, Cornwall, in the UK.

GALA aims to:

  • Provide a method of communicating with owners of, or those who wish to own, boats made by the Gaffers and Luggers boatyard.
  • Assist members to locate a particular type of boat which they are planning to purchase.
  • Assist them in the selling of their own Heard built boat.
  • Provide independent comment on all aspects of Gaffers and Luggers products..
  • To provide a “Questions and Answers” service to all members on any aspect of the boats and sailing techniques.

GALA is not in any way in competition with the aims and activities of the Old Gaffers Association, who many of us also support, but are purely an “owners club” for boats built at the boatyard called specifically, “Gaffers and Luggers”.

Members Only Area

All who have an interest in the products of Gaffers and Luggers are invited to register as a member of GALA. There are many membership benefits, it matters not the size or type of boat in which you have an interest from the 9ft rowing punt through to the 65ft St.Malo Pilot Cutter all are equally welcome! Members of Gala are able to:

  1. Gain access to the GALA forum. Post comments and pictures, chat to other members, ask questions and get advice from other GALA members.
  2. View the original printed GALA newsletters, now available online.
  3. View the GALA publications.
  4. Comment on articles written by GALA members and submit your own articles.
  5. View the GALA 'Boat Register' and 'Hoist the Topsail' publications.

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